HDD Observer

HDD Observer 2.4

Monitoring and repairing tool for your hard drives


  • Spreads risk and pressure across all your drives
  • Monitors for certain problems


  • Doesn't support all drives
  • Doesn't work without SMART


Predicting possible Hard Disk failure can be one of the most fail safe ways to make sure that you never lose all your data.

HDD Observer is an intelligent tool that shows you what the health of your units is using the patented SMART technology that all modern hard drives now support. It allows you to check your hard drives performance at regular intervals and it also gauges the temperature of your unit. For example, if HDD temperature is near its critical value then HDD Observer begins to check it more frequently to exactly detect the time when the temperature will reach it's critical value. If the critical value is reached, then HDD Observer will check HDD's with a lower temperature to free-up any available system resources. In this way, you are spreading the load across your hard drives rather than just one. It allows you to set alerts when you're running out of disk space or when you've accumulated too many temporary files. If you're using several drives, the program can also employ a desfragmenter and registry cleaner across all of them as well as an option to clean those registry entries that are obsolete or dangerous to your system's stability.

Easy to use and a much more intelligent way to use your hard drives, HDD Observer is a great SMART choice.

HDD Observer is not only a high technologic product - it is one of the most intelligent soft for hard drives monitoring.

And this is because it has some unique technologies implemented by us especially for this program. One of them is SmartBehavior - a unique behavior technology implemented in monitoring tools.

HDD Observer


HDD Observer 2.4

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